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Stage Victoria Sqaure, Adelaide

South Australia's premier staging company

Our expertise

Global Staging is a family owned and operated company with over 24 years experience in the staging and event industry.

Stage & Catwalk


Our expertise

The core of our business are our valued clients - big and small, spanning corporate, government, schools and community events sectors.

Global Staging's experience in the industry means that you leave nothing to chance, when you trust us.

White Car Stage


Global Staging has a large collection of stage decks exceeding 1500sqm. Our stage decks comprise of imperial decks (2440mm x 1220mm) and metric decks (2000mm x 1000mm).

The collection also houses several custom sizes, including angles and circular components for half and full circles. At Global Staging we can erect a stage from any height as client or event requires. From as low as 200mm to as high as required.

Our scaffolding is Ringlock based and is modular allowing endless solutions to any staging need. This also allows seamless integration into venues with unfavourable terrain and restricted accesses. We are also proud owners of StageRight staging decks which are premium modular staging decks and are highly sought after and are only one of a couple companies in Australia who supply this in our stage hire.


Event Services

Over recent years we at Global Staging have been asked to design and construct some custom and modified builds. Some as simple as building ramps to existing stages or platforms. Other requests have been more obscure like building wheelchair access ramps over garden beds and even one request to make our tivoli stairs move on wheels, so that giant drag queens can dance up and down them.


At Global Staging we can meet every design need.


Event Scaffolding & Trussing

Whether you need a VIP deck for a music festival, tiered seating riser for school concert, scaffold towers for PA or lighting, we have you covered. Along with our Ringlock modular scaffolding we have a stage deck solution which integrates seamlessly and allows for a turnkey solution for all staging needs.


Global Staging also has a collection of concrete ballast blocks to be used as ballasting for scaffold structures and towers, allowing us to provide a smooth installation and no need for additional hiring of ballast from third parties.


At Global Staging we have a collection of trussing to complement each stage. We also provide dry hire of trussing to smaller companies who need to supplement their trussing needs, but are unable to store or handle the truss within their own warehouse or handle transport.

Why us?

Who we are

Global Staging initially started trading as Global Dance & Stage (SA) in 2000 and has been owned and operated by the same family up to this day.

In 2023, we rebranded with a new Company name Global Staging and new logo. This was to bring the Company into it’s new era, which has now been taken on by the second generation.

Global continues to delivery excellent quality staging and attitude towards events across South Australia. Our attention to detail and positive attitudes enables us to provide a high quality and expedited service.


What We Provide 


Project Design

Our team provides design certification and plans to work from and then upon erection of the staging project we get onsite engineering inspection and sign-off conducted. This is not required for all projects but is tailored specifically.


Additional Event Services

Not all events require a simple flat stage – some need a little extra! The team at Global Staging over the years become familiar with difficult staging requirements. Whether it’s a custom modular staircase, ramp or bridge, we’ve done it.


Cost Effective Solutions

Not all events have the budget to custom build and fabricate metal or timber solutions and with our extensive collection of frames, legs and decking we provide a streamline and cost-effective solution for single events or pop-up events which require flexible and expedited alternatives.


Universal Access

For venues and events to maintain a compliance with the Disability Access code and standards, Global Staging provides modular solutions for Special Access Ramps to stages, pop-up building and marquees and to VIP decking.


Engineering Documentation

We work with a close team of engineers who assist us with preparing all engineering documentation that is needed for each specific event. Understanding the environment and safety aspects of each event individually is why we would with specialists.


Who we have worked with

  • Santos Tour Down Under

  • Tasting Australia

  • Adelaide Festival

  • AFL Gather Round

  • WOMADelaide

  • Adelaide Fringe Festival

  • Adelaide Cabaret Festival

  • DreamBIG Children’s Festival

  • Illuminate Adelaide

  • OzAsia Festival

  • National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant

  • VAILO Adelaide 500

  • Beer & BBQ Festival

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